ASSOWWIP is a Non-Governmental Organization, Apolitical and Nonprofit making organization which operates in conformity with prescriptions of article 7 of law Nº 90/053 of 19/12/90 relating to the creation and functioning of Cameroon.

We at the Association for the Wellbeing of Women and Indigenous People (ASOWWIP) are a diverse group of individuals passionate about the elevation and of vulnerable women and girls, most especially with the persistent increase in factors threatening their wellbeing, such as the current outburst of humanitarian crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. 

Given that women and girls are the most vulnerable and therefore the more intensely affected by any crisis, be it economic, social, political, religious or otherwise, we focus our energies more on this group, believing that an empowered woman, girl child or indigenous person is the mustard seed of the growth of a nation, and society as a whole.

Our Mission:

The mission of ASOWWIP is:

    a. To promote the health conditions of the poor and vulnerable people.

    b. To assist the handicap children in their health needs, education and to render them self-sufficient and productive members of our society.

    c. Sensitization of the population on the protection of our environment to render it more suitable to live in.

    d. To empower the youths and especially marginalized group of people rendering them productive in our society.

Our Vision:

We envisage To be a veritable association for the needs of the vulnerable population and improving the quality of the populations’ livelihood in general.

Thus rendering our society, a veritable life-support organ of the society, where no person will feel marginalized. Where, even those with serious handicap will feel as full members of our society as they will be able to contribute in the productivity and daily growth and upkeep of our environment.

Our Objectives:

ASSOWWIP has as objectives:

    1. To empower the local communities especially women and young girls by encouraging  Education, Menstrual Hygiene, Gender Equality and Equity

    2. To Promote and Advocate Sexual reproductive health Education and a Healthy Environment for Indigenous people especially Orphans, street children, Muslim girls and women